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Brad's addiction to skiing and beautiful places brought him to BC 18 years prior. The same affliction contributed to his pursuit of photography, which he creatively has turned into a profession.

Lillooet offers whatever it is that is not really possible in Whistler - a warm, sunny and long summer, a tomato that tastes like something, and the chance to say 'cacti'.

When not writing another chapter in the encyclopedia of what he does not know about farming, Brad enjoys cooking, drinking wine, live music, exploring the backcountry, traveling, and many of the Pacific Rim's culinary delights.

Deanne (DD) Zeidler.

For years Eckhard was enthralled by the dramatic scenery on the plateaus above the mighty Fraser River. He knew the area was the hottest place in Canada but wondered whether it could support and produce superior wine grapes. That question was answered after meeting then Lillooet Mayor Christ'l Rochard and her father down at Rochard Acres. They had just put in an experimental vineyard but what was unknown until arriving at the property was that the 35 year old vines Papa had planted so long ago were not only thriving, they were producing excellent wine. He was sold and began the long journey to find a suitable investment in Lillooet, finally ending up at Texas Creek Ranch.

Eckhard is a retired investment banker of 25 years and is a second term municipal councillor in the Resort Municipality of Whistler, British Columbia, Host Mountain resort of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. He REALLY likes Lillooet and her people though...

Stefan, Sebastian and Max Zeidler.




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Doug Robson & Christ'l Roshard (and Wyatt) of Roshard Acres, DD, 2008 Agrologist of the Year John Vielvoye P.Ag., Brad and Eckhard